Home Curtains Type I 1.5m high decorative curtain with 1.5m height Cartoon Curtain for bedroom
$344 (tax inclusive)
1.5m high decorative curtain with 1.5m height Cartoon Curtain for bedroom
[Yiju Shangpin mtx-ml517] Yiju Shangpin door curtain household shading cloth art bedroom partition curtain bathroom half curtain cartoon decorative hanging curtain split type 1 m wide 1.7 m high free curtain telescopic rod [quotation price evaluation...
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Product Name: yijushang mtx-ml517Product Name: yijushang mtx-ml517
Commodity number: 100005158239Commodity number: 100005158239
Gross weight: 0.58kgGross weight: 0.58kg
Origin of goods: Mainland ChinaOrigin of goods: Mainland China
Article No.: mtx-ml517Article No.: mtx-ml517
Installation method: hole free installationInstallation method: hole free installation
Size: othersSize: others
Shading: 90%+Shading: 90%+
Process: othersProcess: others
Curtain head style: flat curtainCurtain head style: flat curtain
Style: European styleStyle: European style
Material: clothMaterial: cloth
Curtain type: door curtainCurtain type: door curtain
Category: finished curtain / window screenCategory: finished curtain / window screen
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